Want to get faster? Build a bigger engine. Speed is the universal language of team sports, and the quickest way to fly on your feet is to get stronger. At HipWorks, we combine the two with a comprehensive strength and conditioning program focused on building stronger, faster bodies.

We believe athletic development is not a box you check, but an ongoing commitment to optimal performance and a healthy body—for serious and recreational athletes alike. We love working with any youth who are enthusiastic and committed to improving their fitness.

HipWorks Athletic Development program includes:

  • Progression-based movement training
  • Prehab/rehab/flexibility exercises
  • Linear and lateral speed development
  • Foot speed and agility
  • Explosive power development
  • Progressive weight training
  • Functional strength training

All athletes are closely supervised while coaches take them through a workout, with close attention to proper technique and safety. While we don’t believe in sport-specific training, our coaches will explain how your athlete’s training translates to improved performance, whatever they play. Coaches also measure performance and improvement to keep athletes motivated and on track.