About Us

Hipworks work with ALL sports because we DO NOT train specifically for sport, but the performance required to be great in a sport. We train biomechanics in regards to running efficiency for speed, as well as agility, conditioning, core strength, flexibility, mobility, power and explosion.

We improve performance so the athlete can compete with any and everyone

Hipworks focus is to develop the overlooked to compete against the overhyped

Coach Milton Thornhill has trained kids for over 22 years and has been committed to developing players — both boys and girls — during his entire career. His experience includes 2 VA State Championships as Coach, 1 National Championship as a Player and 2 years as a player in the NFL. He currently works with athletes throughout Northern VA in Basketball, Football and Track.

“Coach Thornhill is an amazing coach who not only has taught both our kids valuable skills, but also the importance of teamwork and confidence.”