Lakshmi Bethanabotla

We were looking for some personal training for our son Karthik (High Schooler) last mid-year and were so fortunate to find Coach Milton. The training he brings on not only helped my son with the sport but also infused so much positivity, motivation and a true inspiration to work on the right things. His approach has always been on the development of whole person. The amount of time and passion he puts into every session has been so so valuable for us. Coach also motivated my youngest daughter to join the session and she has improved her skills and interest in the sport tremendously. Both the kids never want to miss a session with coach and are now extremely passionate and working hard towards the game. We for sure plan to stay with Coach for as long as these kids are around. Coach Milton is nothing but the “BEST” in Northern Virginia. He is a confidence builder, great motivator and a true asset for the community. Thank you for all the hard work you do Coach, we are so fortunate to have found you!